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Board / Staff

OFLP Board Of Directors

Elizabeth Taylor, President – 2017-2019
History & ESL instructor, Batesville High School

Aaron Green, Treasurer- 2017-2019
Accountant for LifePlus

Lauren Willette, Secretary 2017-2019
Former Executive Director, Literacy Advocate

Nicole Stroud, Former Director 2016-2019

Babbette Engle, At Large 2017-2019
Independence County Library

Leila Higginbottom, Sharp County 2017-2019
English Teacher, Cave City Middle School

James Martell, At Large-2016-2018
Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, Lyon College

OFLP Staff

Morgan Winston,Executive Director

Armida Stokes, Office Assistant

OFLP AmeriCorps Members 2017-2018

Laura Landers