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Websites for Tutors: ESL and Basic Literacy

ESL Specific

1. Daveʼs ESL Cafe

Business English, idioms, phrasal verbs, quizzes, idea “cookbook,” etc... Many
sections are devoted to opportunities for students.

2.Online Activities

Activities for ESL students- Quizzes, exercises and puzzles to help ESL students; This is also a good site for
basic literacy students


The site helps with pronunciation by giving written instructions and providing videos and audio clips of different sounds.

4.Teaching Ideas & Links
The Internet TESL Journal

Conversation questions; games & activities; Power Point lessons; articles & research papers; lessons; teaching ideas & links

Basic Literacy (also works for ESL students)


Conjugate English Verbs- good for ESL to learn tenses

2.Crossword puzzles

Printable crosswords starting at level 2- good for ESL learners too


Word meanings; pronunciation guide; crossword puzzles; activities

California Distance Learning Project

News-related topics to help build reading and life skills for adults. Read and listen to a short article then continue on to various exercises.

Literacy Net

Abridged new stories from CBS 5 & CNN; less intimidating for the advanced beginner or intermediate reader


A series of e-books with activities for adult literacy and English as a second language learners.


News stories for intermediate to advanced student

8. Reading

Easy, medium and hard stories for adult learners. Both fiction & nonfiction on a variety of topics.


Worksheets, games, puzzles, quizzes

Health Literacy

1.ESL Health Literacy

Food & Drug Administration

3.Health Care Fact Sheet
The Center for Health Care Strategies

4.Health Information

5.Health Topics & Medications
Easy to read pages available in English & Spanish

6.Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit

Tutor / Teacher Resources


Free online courses for tutors offered by the Verizon foundation

Student Resources


Free online courses in English & Spanish; step by step instructions

Cielito's ESL Literacy Website for Beginners

Online listening exercises, videos, exercises & activities; also good basic grammer resource for teachers & tutors


Online activities with video & sound; may be beneficial for the intermediate to advanced ESL student


Various videos for learning English