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Get computer literate at the White River Regional Library!

Computer literacy is an increasingly important skill. OFLP offers some computer instruction for its students, but non-OFLP students can gain computer literacy skills through free classes at the White River Regional Library.

Computer Instruction Classes at Independence County Library

Classes are held most days at 10am, 11am, and 3pm. For more information call (870)793-8814.

Computer Basics: Learning the Mouse

We start at the very beginning, learning how to use the mouse and navigate your way around on the computer. No computer experience is necessary for this beginner’s class.

Beyond the Mouse: The Desktop

What is a desktop? You will learn that and how to find what you’re looking for on your computer with this basic class. It’s best if you take Learning the Mouse first, so you will be comfortable moving around on the computer screen.

Microsoft Word 2010

A series of classes learning to use Word 2010 to create documents such as letters, invitations, term papers, resumes, novels, and more! Start with Microsoft Word 1 and continue until you’ve taken all the classes in the series. Currently, we are holding classes for Microsoft Word 1 and 2, and will add more advanced classes as our audience grows.

Introduction to the Internet

Now that you know how to use a computer, it’s time to focus on the Internet! We’ll start with simple searches and will discuss various useful websites. Computer experience, but no Internet experience, is needed before taking this class.

Internet Searching Techniques

There are about 400,000,000 (that’s 400 million!) websites on the Internet. How can you ever find what you need in all this? We will learn how to search and evaluate websites in this class, as well as discuss safety issues important to know when you’re using the Internet. Take Introduction to the Internet first, and you will really enjoy this class.

Arkansas State Library’s Traveler Database

You will learn all about our wonderful resource that is FREE to Arkansas residents. We will show you how to use Traveler for general interest and research. Traveler connects you to databases not found on the Internet. This class is for those of you who have some experience with the Internet and are interested in digging a little deeper than simple Internet searches,

Basic Keyboarding

Don’t know the first thing about a keyboard? We will teach you! Basic Keyboarding teaches you the keyboarding(typing) skills you need to use a computer faster, easier, and more efficiently. You need to have taken the Mouse instruction class before you sign up for this class, but that’s the only computer experience required to succeed at Keyboarding.