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Hundreds of miles biked for literacy

The weather was just right for Saturday's inaugural "El Pionero" Pioneer Bike Ride for Literacy, organized by Centro Cristiano in honor of their church's 8th anniversary. Dozens of bikers turned out, both novice and experienced, riding routes ranging from 2 miles to 65 miles. Church members cheered loudly as riders crossed the finish line. Centro Cristiano Pastor Bernardo Garcia awarded each biker a finisher's medal.

The Ozark Foothills Literacy Project thanks Centro Cristiano for supporting literacy, health and coming together as community. Thanks also to the many other groups who made the bike ride possible: Bike City for helping with bike maintenance, the Independence Co. sheriff reserve unit for helping with biker safety, the highway department for sweeping the highway shoulder, and the Jubilee Family Church for providing a venue.

More photos of the event are available on the Literacy Project's Facebook page.