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Beginning ESL Student Resources

English/Spanish Dictionary

Este sitio fonético y bilingüe está diseñado para ayudarte a aprender inglés tan rápido y fácil como sea posible.

Star Fall
This is a good site for practicing reading.

Shaw English
Shaw English uses video lessons to teach students English. The four links above will direct beginning English learners to videos that will work best for them. (Disclaimer: The “Taboo English” section of this site contains strong language.)

BBC Learning English
This site offers videos and lessons to help students learn English. This site is from the British Broadcasting Company, so the English is British English rather than American English.

VOA News: Let's Learn English
This is a 52 week video course with one video per week for beginners.

English Learner’s Dictionary from Merriam Webster

Pronunciation Practice from Learner’s Dictionary

Cambridge’s English Lessons
This is a website with lessons for learning English is many different levels.

ESL America’s Reading
Students looking to practice reading in English should visit this site.

Practice listening and take quizzes on what you listen to at this site.

Breaking News English
This site allows students to read current news stories.

Learn American English
Lessons and quizzes for learning English for beginners through advanced learners.

Using English
Quizzes for English learners.

NOTE: For the following two sites, students should speak with someone in the office for any help signing up or logging in.

This site will test students on their level and then help them learn English based on their score.

USA Learns
This site includes video lessons with quizzes. OFLP staff can view students' progress in these lessons. Students need to sign up for an OFLP course. Please ask someone in the office for assistance.