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Advanced ESL Student Resources

English Learner
English Learner allows students to practice listening with songs. It also has quizzes and games available to practice grammar and vocabulary.

Connect with English -
This video series helps students learn English and practice listening skills

VOA News’ Learning English
VOA News offers news videos specifically for ESL Learners

TED Lessons TED -
TED is a video lecture series and an educational video series that offers great listening practice for advanced learners.

This American Life
This American Life is a podcast that tells stories from around America about all different types of people. This podcast offers a great way to practice listening skills.

RadioLab is a podcast about different scientific subjects, and it is a great resource for anyone looking to improve listening skills.

Activities for ESL Students
This site has easy, medium, and difficult games for English learners to help with learning grammar, vocabulary, and crossword puzzles.

ManyThings.Org Pronunciation
Learners can practice pronunciation at this site.

Activities for English learners.

English Learner’s Dictionary from Merriam Webster

Pronunciation Practice from Learner’s Dictionary

Cambridge’s English Lessons
This is a website with lessons for learning English is many different levels.

ESL PartyLand
ESL PartyLand has quizzes and games for anyone learning English.

ESL America’s Reading
Students looking to practice reading in English should visit this site.

5 Minute English
Students who want to practice listening to English should visit this website.

Practice listening and take quizzes on what you listen to at this site.

Breaking News English
This site allows students to read current news stories.

English Learner’s News
This site allows students to read the news and take quizzes on what they’ve read.

Learn American English
Lessons and quizzes for learning English for beginners through advanced learners.

Using English
Quizzes for English learners.

NOTE: For the following two sites, students should speak with someone in the office for any help signing up or logging in.

This site will test students on their level and then help them learn English based on their score.

USA Learns
This site includes video lessons with quizzes. OFLP staff can view students' progress in these lessons. Students need to sign up for an OFLP course. Please ask someone in the office for assistance.