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Race Rules & Regulations


1. Parent or guardian of participant must fill out participation forms before or at packet pick-up. No athlete will be allowed to participate unless the forms are filled out completely.

2. Parents and athletes should arrive early enough to have their body markings done and allow time to set up their transition area. Transition area opens at 7:00 am.

3. After the transition area closes at 8:45 am, no parents will be allowed in the transition area. When ALL athletes have completed their race the announcer will indicate that it is safe to remove equipment.

4. At no time should a parent or athlete move or relocate another athlete's items from the transition area. If space is a concern, please contact a volunteer in the transition area.

5. Shoes and other equipment often look alike, so please label everything. Feel free to have a towel to designate your transition area.

6. The event will have a limit on the number of participants for safety reasons.

7. Swim: Any stroke is allowed during the swimming portion of the race. No one will be disqualified for style, or for stopping or touching the bottom of the pool. Goggles, swim caps, water wings and life jackets are the only equipment that may be used in the water.

8. Running: All athletes must wear shoes; no flip flops or crocs will be allowed. Shoes must be worn for the entire cycling and running portions of the race.

9. No headphones are allowed on any portion of the course.

10. Race numbers must be visible on the front of the athlete during the running portion. The number can be pinned to the swimsuit. If the athlete will be putting a shirt on after the swim, pin the number to the shirt the athlete plans to race in. The athlete will also be body marked.

11. The race director will determine if the course is unsafe due to bad weather; if the inclement weather is deemed unsafe, refer to the bad weather plan (see below).

12. Parents cannot assist during ANY portion of the event. Trained volunteers and emergency personnel will be stationed throughout the course to offer assistance if needed.

13. Volunteers are the only individuals allowed in the transition area or on the course, please obey the course parameters and obey volunteer directions.

14. Every athlete must complete the course in its entirety and in the correct order to be eligible for a completion award. There will be signage and volunteers through the course; however, the responsibility ultimately is with the parent and the athlete.

15. Trophies will be presented at the awards ceremony to the top three male and female finishers in each age group.

16. Poor sportsmanship, such as cutting off", "running into", or intentionally injuring another athlete, may result in a 2-minute penalty or the participant's disqualification.

**NOT a USAT sanctioned event**

We will do everything possible to hold the event as scheduled, but the safety of all competitors, volunteers and spectators will be our priority as all decisions are made. The race director will meet and discuss all options with the event team. An announcement will be made at the earliest possible time. Options will be considered in this order:

Option 1: Delay the start until the bad weather has cleared the area!

Option 2: Event canceled! If we must cancel the event, we will hand out packets (t-shirts, goody bags, etc.)