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Need help with reading or English?

Do you have an interest in the Ozark Foothills Literacy Project? Do you want a reading tutor? Do you want to read and speak English better? Do you have a friend who needs reading help? We have tutors ready to help with English conversation, reading, writing, grammar and spelling.

Call the Ozark Foothills Literacy Project at 870-793-5912 or email us at .

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be in the program?
Adults 18 years of age and older can enroll. You must have a phone or regular access to a telephone so you and your tutor can stay in touch. We currently serve Fulton, Sharp, Izard and Independence Counties. However, if you're outside our area and have trouble finding a literacy program that can help you, call us.

Student Resources

(Websites with vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation exercises)

Student Handbook